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The Lounge Voice - Speakeasy place

In 1920, a prohibition law banned the trade in and consumption of alcohol throughout the United States.
In an illegal saloon in Pennsylvania in 1888 - the owner urged customers too turbulent to lower the volume ("Speak easy, boys!"), not to discover the illegal activity.

The speakeasy today, although no longer in force this prohibition, are places hidden in an aura of mystery.

In "The Lounge Voice" the first rule, in fact, is secrecy: speakeasy is a combination of secrecy, excellent cocktails and 1920's atmosphere.

Hidden doors, soft environment, low lights, good music, cocktails of the highest level. In a speakeasy you will appreciate advanced styles and techniques.

The atmosphere will envelop you, making you forget for a few hours the daily hustle and bustle of a hectic Rome, as well as a way to sip a drink and enjoy a good drink in a sought-after environment with excellent live music in the background.