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MASA Rooftop Delicacies

Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

The restaurant and cocktail bar "MASA - Rooftop Delicacies" has finally arrived on the terrace of The Major Hotel.


Generated by a mixture of history, art and nature, MASA is located in an exclusive space that sublimates these elements, offering a suggestive view of the domes of Santa Maria Maggiore, so close that it seems you can touch them, of the roofs and alleys of the Monti district, also glancing at Piazza Venezia and the dome of St. Peter's.


MASA offers a journey into the Middle Eastern cuisine, betrayed by elements of the Mediterranean tradition, with a menu rich in Mezè-style courses, appetizers served at the center of the table that will make customers rediscover the pleasure of sharing and conviviality.


Executive Chef Danilo Mancini will mark for our guests the stages of a journey made up of refined and finely presented dishes, in such a unique setting that they will be able to feel far away, even if only for a few hours, from the chaotic life of the Eternal City.


The Cocktail Bar adds the final piece to this signature mosaic.

The Bar Manager Alessandro Guaschi, together with the award-winning barman Antonio D'Auria, have created unique Signature Cocktails derived from homemade mixing.

Guests will be able to taste the flavor of fermentation, the fragrances of distant territories, experiencing the deepest sense of the travel experience.


Start here your virtuous itinerary between flavors and sensations, made up of research, professionalism and passion... Start here your MASA experience!

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