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Mary's Roof - Restaurant and Lounge Bar


In the "Mary’s Roof" the brand "The Ner Collection" finds a new and elegant format that combines food, drink and lifestyle.
On the 5th floor of The Major Hotel there is an absolutely exclusive space, with a strongly characterized soul, that allows the guests to live Rome from a privileged point of view, in a unique place, accessible only from this Roof Garden.
The choice of the type of kitchen, in a concept linked to the Kosher culture, continues its evolutionary path made of passion, flavors and research: the new reality stands on competence and passion and launches a new catering project, in one of the most elegant districts of Rome.
Level catering and events are linked in a unique setting, with the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to act as Cicero in Rome merged in tradition, with orange lights that surround the whole context in a unique magic, rooted in the history of the eternal city.


Great emphasis in Mary’s Roof is generated by food self-control in an age where waste, preservation of the natural cycle, respect for nature and consequently food must necessarily be protected.
But what is even more fascinating is the mysticism which the rabbis of the Talmud teach and which goes beyond this exercise of self-control.
The laws of Jewish food are rooted in the Bible and have been observed by the Jews for more than three thousand years. The fundamental principles of Kasherut are illustrated in the Pentateuch and are defined as statutes, that is, laws for which we are not given any reason understandable by the intellect.
However, the rabbis have always stressed their essential role in the preservation of life.


"The flight of the soul - a journey through scents and flavors"
is the menu of the Roof Garden that the Chef offers from the breakfast with a dedicated corner, through the Business Lunch, to the dinner "a la Carte' ". With the sole purpose of freeing the body from the impurities of frenetic life.
In the kitchen, enhanced by its essence, the concept of vital link is sought. The soul as an essential element, dictated by an evocative symbolism, where in storytelling it is generated precisely that recalls the roots of man with simple products and great impact presented in a refined elegance.


Fifth and sixth floors are characterized by refined furnishing elements, chosen to create a welcoming environment. The floral impact is unique and refined to generate the true concept of a Roof Garden. It is created to give the guest an international atmosphere with tracomode seats and harmonious colors.
The fusion between the Kosher dishes and the high profile Mixology, let themselves be lulled by the perfect frame of Santa Maria Maggiore.
All elements dance elegantly in the magical atmosphere of the panoramic terrace in an ascetic indissoluble bond of the soul.
The Mary’s Roof gives a unique offer in the panorama of the capital.