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The Cross Garden

In 2021, an area of absolute peace was born in the internal courtyard of The Cross Hotel, which allows guests an escape from the chaos of Rome to find, in tranquility, the necessary refreshment.

A wonderful Garden that invites you to enjoy authentic moments of relaxation. Not just a green oasis then, but an oasis of beauty, the perfect location for an aperitif with friends, for a dinner with your partner or for an after-dinner tasting signature cocktails signed by professional bartenders.


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    Lounge Garden

    A space in front of the Bar surrounded by greenery, with lounge seats and round tables.

    The perfect location for a cocktail or an aperitif, with the help of umbrellas that protect from the strongest sun in the hot hours.

    Also excellent for organizing private events given the modularity of the space.

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    Private Terrace

    The private terrace is lined with plants that protect its privacy from the rest of The Cross Garden.

    Mainly conceived for couples or groups of friends who, in the comfort of an informal atmosphere, like to have a space to taste a glass of wine or dine with an excellent Roman pinsa and a craft beer.

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    Secret Place

    In a corner of The Cross Garden, away from prying eyes, protected by tall hedges that act as a booth, the "secret place" was born.

    An area conceived purely for couples who are looking for a comfortable environment in privacy where they can have a romantic dinner or a bottle of wine in absolute tranquility.