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The Major Hotel, the third hotel in chronological order to be opened by 'The Ner Collection' group, is a design hotel with a distinctive atmosphere, set in the Capitoline panorama in the splendid setting of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Founded in 1962 under the name Hotel Gallia, inside a historic structure in the beating heart of Rome, the hotel was created by joining two portions of adjacent buildings and had rooms on staggered levels with a focus on customers arriving at Termini in search of a relaxing and comfortable situation near the main station.

In 2022, it was transformed into The Major Hotel, with deep renovations that lasted almost 1.5 years and dressed it in a new, elegant and refined suit, exclusively designed by architect Marcello Ceccaroli.

The intersections that converged on two different levels have become the real strong point of the structure, which, with skilful and complex work, have strongly identified its interior style.

A large meeting room with 50 seats, a marvellous panoramic RoofTop where one can enjoy the view of the Basilica's dome from an incredible and impressive perspective, and a swimming pool on the penthouse, make it a boutique hotel of great value on the Roman scene.