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Relais Monti is located in the oldest neighborhood of Rome, Rione Monti, the ancient Roman Suburra. It owes its name to the articulated characteristics of the neighborhood, made of dense streets and gentle, little hills. Via Urbana, named by Pope Urban VIII, who decided to rearrange and expand the road, which was the seat of a noble and rich residences, that back in Roman Times was called “Vicius Patricius”
New gourmet destination of the capital, the atmosphere goes perfectly hand in hand with the the slow rhythms of the ancient craft shops and the desire to experiment new creative metropolitan.

The Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the historic center of Rome are within a walking distance from Relais Monti, once you get on the magnificent terraces of the Markets of Trajan and the Roman Forum you can watch the city just like once the Ancient emperors did.